Reaching Skyward and Beyond – With Andrew Robinson, CEO of Skyward Specialty Insurance Group

Season Two – Episode Ten

We are very pleased to welcome the Chief Executive of Skyward Specialty Insurance, Andrew Robinson to the show this week.

Andrew is one the leading Insurance / Insurtech executives in America and since taking over as the CEO of Skyward Specialty (formerly Houston International Insurance Group) in May 2020, Andrew has led the business through great change and transformation (including the rebranding from HIIG), all during a global pandemic.

Andrew shares how he is building a culture and creating an environment the staff can feel great about and advises how extra employee interaction and engagement during this time has really benefitted the business.

As well as his considerable leadership experience, Andrew can bring his deep knowledge of technology / tech investment from the time in his career spent immersed in advanced insurance technology solutions as he headed up Insurtech Investments.

Andrew has led a stellar career in the Insurance industry and the new brand, Skyward, seems very appropriate as he aims to take the company inter-galactic with him and propel Skyward to long term, sustainable success.

Andrew encourages listeners to reach out to him about the podcast and Skyward’ s future plans via his LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewsrobinson/

or email at arobinson@skywardinsurance.com .

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