High care, high performance & hiring for slope – with Spike Lipkin, CEO & Co-Founder and Amy Steadman, Chief People Officer, Newfront

“I heard this phrase once that you should hire for slope not intercept, hire for the direction people are headed, not necessarily the absolute level that they are at today”, says Spike.

On the podcast this week, Newfront’s CEO & Co-Founder, Spike Lipkin and Chief People Officer, Amy Steadman discuss combining human expertise and technology, structured data, managing the growth of the business and the increased pressures on frontline managers with remote-working.

Rated as one of the top 40 US brokerages, they share how the 800-strong team is working with clients from app developers to food-producers, the vision for the business moving forward and how they are ‘thoughtfully and intentionally’ maintaining their cultural values as the employee-owned business continues to scale.

Amy highlights how Newfront is addressing burnout and providing long-term opportunities at an inflexion point for the insurance industry.  

“I think a great culture in any environment has to strike the balance between high care and high performance. The high care piece was really highlighted in recent years with everything that’s been going on”, says Amy.

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