Rewarding positivity and raising velocity – with Stuart Winchester, CEO & Founder, Marble

“There are a lot headwinds to innovation in insurance but we’re missing a lot of the reasons you can do things”, says Stuart.

The Irish-educated, English major talks through his experience of launching and building Better.com’s insurance practice and founding Marble, the first application that combines all policy types and lines with a shopping experience, overlaid with a rewards programme.

Stuart shares how he leads and benefits from a team of talent spread across the globe, “It’s raised our velocity. As we hire in 2022, we have a global view.”  

While insurance is global, technology in insurance is very localised both in terms of regulation and consumers’ expectations.

“It’s really interesting having team members, who themselves – culturally or nationally – have different views on insurance”, says Stuart.

Stuart explains his vision for responding to the dearth of rewards programmes in insurance and shares his predictions for the future of the industry, focussing on differentiation, parametric and embedded insurance.

When recruiting, Stuart leans towards those with general fintech knowledge but emphasises his desire for strong communicators and positivity.

“Positioning yourself publicly as a knowing bridge between where insurance is going and the thousands of years of history, immediately warms a hiring manager to you. It tells me you get it!”

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