S4 EP15: Building a groundswell of support with a cultural reset – with Todd Campbell, President & CEO, and Susan Graham, Chief of Staff, Builders Insurance Group

“Part of it simply is the tone from the top and walking the four corners. Early on there would be people who would walk up to me and say in the 10 years or 15 years, I’ve worked here, I’ve never spoken so much with the CEO”, says Todd.

“I do love a good chat with folks and talk about their lives and their futures and we continue to work on that.”

Todd and Susan talk through their career journeys from M&A Lawyer and Corporate Banking to joining Atlanta-based Builders Insurance Group as President & CEO and Chief of Staff respectively.

They discuss the structure of the business, its growth through acquisition and how they are transforming a once siloed, fractured culture in to a strong, united place to build an insurance career.

“It did need some significant cultural change very quickly. Folks needed to know they had a good safe place to be and the company was going to change fundamentally. It was a long listening tour of what matters to people.”

Susan gives an insight in to three themed employee resource groups – Diversity, Equity & Belonging, Green Team and Builders Gifts Back – and their impact internally and on the wider community.

One of the key impacts on the business has been a reduction in staff turnover from 20% to less than 1%.

“One of the things we looked at was a global reset of titles and compensation. We worked very hard and spent a lot of time to get that right. We reset the entire company and made that statement to our people that we can’t say we’re a great place to work unless we live by the things that get us there.”

Attracting a younger generation of talent has been another benefit of the culture reset, transforming Builders from a retirement destination company to a recognized employer of choice.

Todd and Susan share their advice on retaining talent and empowering the next generation of leaders, including sponsorship of the National African American Insurance Association scholarships.

“Make it part of your routine to stop and talk to someone briefly. It’s truly is toned from the top. Being genuine, being humble and knowing your people is a crucial skill for any leader. That translates down to the next generation that we can foster into leaders in their own respect.”

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