Transforming from Agency to Full Service Risk Advisory Group – With Pierre Morrisseau, CEO of OneGroup

Season Two – Episode Eight

Joining us this week is a very special guest and friend of the show, Pierre Morrisseau, CEO of OneGroup based in New York.

Pierre shares with us his journey with OneGroup including how the company has transformed from insurance agency into the high-performance full service advisory group it is today.

He also discusses how he arrived in the industry from his engineering background and why he is grateful that, like many, he stumbled into the insurance world.

Pierre believes leadership skills are fundamental in bringing people with you in any role, whether you are leading a team, a room or even just a client. However, he also discusses the challenges for high-performers progressing in to leadership positions – moving from being good at doing to being good at doing through others. 

The One Group story is a remarkable journey that listeners will find inspiring.

Pierre is happy for listeners to reach out to him after the show with any comments or questions you may have about OneGroup or the subjects raised in the interview. You can do this via his email at pmorrisseau@onegroup.com.

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